Queen and Princess Contest
Pecos Rodeo Pecos, New Mexico
August 18 and 19, 2018

United States of America

State of New Mexico

Family Fun!

Rodeo Queen and Princess Contest

2018 Rodeo Queen and Princesses

2017 Queena and Princesses

The Queen and her court ...

Center: Queen Camille CdeBaca

Princesses: Arlanni Gabaldon, Angelic Barber, Marah Guillot, Lea Summers, Jai Summers, Mistidawn Roybal, Abigail Hughes, Dream Roughmont

2017 Rodeo Queens Anna Bowles & Frankie Vigil

2017 Queena Anna Bowles & Frankie Vigil

2017 Rodeo Queens and their Princesses

2017 Queens and Court
Abigail Hughes, Allyson Hughes, Atlanni Gabaldon, Rian Casares, Dream Rougemount, Aliana Martinez, Anayeli Ortega, Angelica Barberos, Nayeli Terrazas, Cynthia Terrazas and Naima Mota

2016 Rodeo Queen Aylin Aranda

2016 Queen Aylin Aranda

2016 Rodeo Queen and her Princesses

2016 Queen and Court
Cynthia Terrazas, Analiyah Armijo, Angelica Barbero, Raven Encinias, Angelic Williams, Aylin Aranda, Christiana Strock, Selma Strock and Naima Mota

2013 Rodeo Queen and her Court

2013 Queen and her Court
Back Row: Kimberly McSweeney, Selma Strock, Raven Encinias

Holding Banner: Duchess Gabby Lopez, Queen Lauren Sandoval, Duchess Miranda Gonzales, Duchess Raylynn Pena

Front Row: Rosie Martinez, Angelica, Dream Rougemont, Gracie, Christiana Strock, Iris Romero, Molly Padilla

2012 Rodeo Queen and her Court

2012 Queen and her Court

Back Row: Duchesse Kimberly Tanuz, Queen Caitlin Martinez, Duchesse Lauren Sandoval
Duchesse Avrianna Lovato

Front Row: Princesses - Selma, Mistydawn, Angelica, Rian, Christina

2011 Rodeo Queen and her Court

The 2011 Rodeo Queen is Gabriela Saenz.
2011 Dutchess is Esmeralda Saenz.
2011 Pricesses are Kaitlyn Maez, Marlene Vigil, Selma Strock and Faith Flores.

2011 Queen, Duchess and Princesses

Left to Right: Esmeralda Saenz, Selma Strock, Kaitlyn Maez, Gabriela Saenz (Faith Flores not pictured)

2011 Queen, Duchess and Princesses
Princess Marlene Vigil


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